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Hellos! Welcome to

Sadly our premises at

Mid Cheshire Antiques & Art Centre

are now closed due to total closure of the building.
However, we can meet by appointment at the Birmingham Clock Fair, which we attend, and we have a storage unit where our remaining selection of clocks can be displayed.

A few pictures of our shop HERE (or at least an idea of what it looked like).

Due to work commitments we no longer intend to offer sales and service of clocks however if you are looking to buy or have a clock serviced then we may be able to put you in contact with someone locally who can help.

We will still be involved in collecting clocks and being as active as possible in the local BHI branch meetings and events at Upton Hall.

In pursuit of this we have just staged a relatively large exhibition of 400-day or torsion/ anniversary clocks at the 150th Anniversary show at Upton Hall. Over the next few weeks, we will compile photographic and written accounts of this event on our Museum page. As an indication of the event, this was the exhibition stall entitled: 150 Years of Anniversary Clocks.

***Available clocks***

We have the following clocks either available or in restoration:

1. Gabriel Smith of Chester brass dial oak 8-day longcase.(Now complete - photos soon!)2. Beveridge of Kirkcaldy, oak 8-day longcase.(Nearly completed!)3. Robert Fletcher of Chester, 8 day, oak and mahogany longcase.(Nearly completed!)4. 2 Enfield Westminster chime grandmother clocks, 1 oak, 1 mahogany.The mahogany clock is now finished and on view. See our longcase page for photos.5. Grivolas cased torsion clock.(Photos soon!)6. 2 Henry Marc, bronze cased silk suspension mantle clocks.7. W&H ting-tang bracket clock8. Many surplus torsion pendulum clocks.

Etc, etc.

Please browse the pages to get an idea of the sort of clocks we have. Many of the photos

can be enlarged by double-clicking your mouse on the image.

If you don't see what you are looking for in these pages, please contact us with your requirements.

We have been collecting clocks for nearly 20 years and have examples of many different types of

clocks, plus we have contacts World-wide so may just have what you seek.

We are primarily clock collectors who became inevitably engaged in clock sales and (some) repairs,

based in Warrington, Cheshire but we are limiting ourselves to collecting again.

Thanks for looking - and come back soon!


Superb Chiming Longcase! Case is oak and an imposing 93 inches of Arts & CRafts styling. The movement is equally impressive

chiming on either 8-bells or 5 gongs! Not for sale - currently on loan to a private collection.


A very unusual style of clock just

restored. For details, see our unusual clocks page.I have seen very few of these clocks but if you would like one, let me know and I will contact you if/ when I see another.Only 1000 were made by Harding & Bazeley about 30 years ago and they are fascinating novelty timepieces of high

quality construction.

400-day clock                    

clock repair

torsion clock

anniversary clock



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mantel clock

grandfather clock longcase clock Cheshire clock shop grandmother clock Vienna clock wall clock

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